Breeder’s Digest Podcast

Episode 10: Mothers on the brink

April 18, 2019

The wheels are falling off under the strain of All The Things. This week Bec and Jane are jaded, smelly and barely able to form a sentence let alone present a well-structured podcast. This week's Breeder's Digest is an intriguing look into the minds of two mothers on the edge. Join them as they garble their way through:

  • A harrowing tale of a child and husband abandoned in a supermarket carpark
  • The cute/weird nicknames we give our little humans while they're still in utero
  • Bec's attempt to shove an entire* easter egg into her gob
  • The secret behind the mystery siren George keeps activating on Bec's phone

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* actually just half an egg, but that doesn't sound as impressive

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