Fighting in front of kids ~ Activities we dread ~ Trying to love our post babe bods

January 15, 2019

New year, same old us. Fresh from the seaside with our cars full of sand and our shoulders emblazoned with tan lines, this week we're talking:

Fighting in front of kids: Forever damaging or an opportunity to model positive conflict resolution?

- Craft-free Zone: Games and activities we dread doing with our kids

I love you I hate you: Learning to deal with our post baby bodies

Top 5: Reasons why going to the beach with kids SUCKS

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A web of xmas lies ~ Friendships post kids ~ Hormonal tearjerkers

December 11, 2018

This week on Breeder's Digest we gather round the Christmas tree to contemplate life, love, laughter and parenting. Actually, just parenting. Join us as we babble about:

Xmas Lies: What happens when the Santa story turns into deceit and betrayal

Friendship after kids: Can we afford to be fussy?

- Hey! That's my kid: Parental milestones robbed from us by friends and family

Top 5: Things we cry about since having kids

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Haughty Hairdresser ~ School Prizegiving ~ Hospital Bag Lols

November 27, 2018

This week on Breeder's Digest, we're diving into the washing pile to bring you crucial chat from the other side of the delivery  suite, including:

Haughty Hairdresser: An Auckland hair salon turns away one of its young clients

School Prizegiving: How do they affect the confidence of our kids?

Hospital Bag Lols: What did you pack for labour that now make you laugh?

Top 5: Things we dread doing with our children

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Toy guns ~ Sharenting ~ Weird stuff in the wash

November 14, 2018

We're back! Finally the Breeder's Digest parenting podcast returns after a lengthy hiatus. This week we welcome new co-host Bec Whitley and gather around the porridge-encrusted dining table to discuss:

- Toy weapons: A bit of harmless fun or a gateway to violence?

- Sharenting: Are we disrespecting our kids' privacy by sharing our lives online? 

- Washing Woes: You tell us the weird things you've accidentally run through the washing machine

- Top 5: Reasons to have kids

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Breeder’s Digest: The little white lies we tell our kids

January 26, 2018

This month on Breeder’s Digest we bow down to our new Breeder Leader Jacinda Ardern, we discuss the little white lies we tell our kids, share our triumphs and trials since the last episode and we open up about our experiences with miscarriage.


A very merry Breeder’s Christmas to you all

December 19, 2017

’Tis the season to be stressed out! This month we’re talking road trip tips and the top 5 toys kiwi kids are harassing Santa for this Christmas. Jane talks to vagina physio Caitlin Day about the importance of pelvic health and we confess our parenting sins, which may or may not include chocolate for breakfast. With huge thanks to Inflatable World and a merry Christmas to all!


The terrible dreaded gastro and useful tips for Xmas

November 23, 2017

This month we chat about how being a parent can make you super emotional about pretty much everything, but especially TV commercials. We also discuss how crazy pregnancy is for both your mind and your poor, poor body. The festive season is looming so we yarn about how having kids changes Christmas, plus we’ve got the top five actually useful gifts to bestow on new parents.


Stuff you thought you needed to survive parenthood, but totally didn’t

October 27, 2017

This month Nicola’s in gastro hell so Duncan Greive, father of three and editor of The Spinoff, is stepping up to the mic. We’re talking about stuff you thought you needed to survive life with kids but you totally didn’t, how do you know you’re done having kids and Duncan’s going to enlighten us about some of the things that keep him awake at night as a dad. Plus we step into the confessional to unburden ourselves of our darkest parenting secrets of the month.


The best and worst parenting advice and questions from a not-yet-parent

September 25, 2017

This week Jane and Nicola are discussing terrible parenting advice, what happens when the grandparents don’t like the name you’ve chosen for your kid and they have an honest conversation with a not-yet-parent about what to expect when you’re not even expecting.


Welcome to the Breeder’s Digest podcast

August 18, 2017

Brought to you by Inflatable World, Breeder’s Digest is your monthly coffee group in a podcast. Hosted by mum of three Jane Yee and Virgin Mum Nicola Winslade, Breeder’s Digest is a casual chat with your mates about all the rubbish bits of parenting and all the really good bits as well. Have your say using the hashtag #breederpod on Twitter or email

This week on Breeder’s Digest, Jane and Nicola navigate the awkwardness of their debut podcast to discuss their maternity leave experiences, teething that lasts for fifteen years, children screwing up holiday plans, leaky nappies and noisy kids in cafes.